How To Access the Diamond Grove Community Web Page and the First Service Residential Site

(It may be easier if you print this page and use it as a guide while you work through the process)

1. Open the login page on the First Residential Site.

If you haven't already found it, use this link and then bookmark the address

2. In the space provided, enter the email address you have on file with DGHOA's management office.

(If you don't have an email address on file you will not be able to use this secure service so be

sure to obtain an email address and provide it to the management office)

3. Click "login"

OK, it didn't work. Your email address is still in the space provided (where you put it originally) but the pass code you entered disappeared and you're back to square one.

No problem - what happened here is that you haven't yet registered.

4. Click "Need a Log in? Sign up now"

5. OK, now you're on the "Register Now" page

6. On the self-registration page that appears you'll need to enter the information requested. Any questions you may have regarding what's required on this page can be found by clicking "Explain"

7. When you've completed this step you should be able to return to and gain access to our web page

8. If that doesn't work, call the on-site manager for clarification. Alternatively, call George Hicks to obtain assistance.

Note: Once you've opened the Diamond Grove Community web page you should be on the "Forms and Documents" page where you will find categories of documents available to you, along with the number of documents in that category that are currently on file.

Select the category you're interested in by clicking on the text that identifies it (it's blue so you can't miss it)

If you want to review specific association documents, click on that link. It will open yet another menu.

The links on this page do not open the document on line. They will download what you selected to your personal computer and place it in the default file folder you have designated for downloading documents. So prepare someplace on your computer where you want the document you select to be placed. Click on that link and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Once the documents are downloaded just go to the folder where you placed them, open them (they're in searchable .pdf format) and obtain the information you need. DON'T FORGET TO LOG OUT !!!