DGHOA publishes a monthly newsletter that contains important information for all residents of Diamond Grove.
However, there are times when a need arises to alert residents to important maintenance issues and schedule changes that occur between newsletter publishing dates.
To meet that need, this page was developed as an immediate source of information for all residents of the community.

National Park Service Senior Lifetime Pass Link:


The battery in your remote gate opener is long lasting but it will eventually fail and you'll have to replace it.

The replacement battery is not expensive and you can obtain one quite easily at "Batteries Plus Bulbs" which is located next to Denny's Restaurant across the I80 freeway from the Diamond Grove Community.

Click this link to connect with a set of instructions on how to replace the battery.


Our recent change in management provides us with the opportunity to offer our web information inside a more secure environment.

Here is a link that will direct you to the corresponding FirstService Diamond Grove Community web page where you can log in and view not only DGHOA files coverning the governing documents, but also your own account information. Please take the time now to click here and register with FirstService to establish your account.

If you find you are unable to access the Diamond Grove files when you first visit the FSR site, it may be because you do not yet have all the information needed to register. Please don't be discouraged. First, click on the "Forgot Passcode | Help" or "Sign up now" links to see if those helplful processes solve your problem. If they don't, just call George Hicks (number is on the Community Roster) for assistance.

We are honored with the growing number of our members who have become accustomed to relying on the web site for information. We sincerely hope that the number of visits will increase and that you will find these changes helpful.


There are times during the rainy season when your front yard irrigation system may begin to water the yard and then, after a very short time, shut down.
This occurs because the settings on your irrigation system that identfy dry days and compare them to wet days, then work to determine what percentage of time the water should flow.
Our automated system, which is intended to save water over the long haul, uses current information combined with historical data to signal on and off times for watering. Even under the best of circumstances, weather is difficult to forecast as perfectly as we might like and our system sometimes slightly over or underestimates what is needed. So if your sprinkler begins to water and then almost immediately shuts down please don't be alarmed. It's just the system's way of recalculating the irrigation needs for our yard.

Committee Vounteers are Needed

We are currently looking for volunteers to work with the:
Welcoming Committee,Judy Cherry, Chairperson
Sunshine Committee, Judy Cherry, Chairperson
Social Committee, Wilma Rassmussen, Chairperson
Finance Committee, Marie Totty, Chairperson

These committees meet once each month, usually for about an hour, and may spend a few hours each month performing certain tasks within the scope of their respective responsibilities. Becoming a committee member provides an opportunity to become better acquainted with your neighbors and remain better informed about management services.
If you've got a little spare time on your hands and want to contribute to the community as a whole, please consider volunteering to help where you can.
Feel free to inquire about these committees by either calling the committee chairperson or attending one of the committee meetings to see how the committee works and decide whether you'd like to become a member. There is no obligation. The telephone number for each of the committee chairpersons is listed in the Diamond Grove Community Association Roster (a folded single page handout that you can obtain from the manager's office) and any of them would welcome your inquiry. You should also feel free to contact any of the Board members to express your interest in serving on a committee.


Every Tuesday evening is Game night - a weekly activity that provides an opportunity for members to gather at the clubhouse to play cards, dominoes, board games, or any other game of their choice. Some enjoy assembling puzzles. Come on out and join the gun.


The Shuffleboard group meets at the shuffleboad courts (south side of the pool) every Wednesday evening (weather permitting) at 4PM. There is ample shade and a western delta breeze often lends a bit of cool air when evenings are warmer than usual. Our paricipants range from sixty to ninety plus.
You don't need an invitation or sponsor and you don't need to sign up - just show up. For more information contact Larry Abrao or Annie Brown (numbers are listed in the community directory)


BINGO is back. Check the announcement posted at the community center for new hours. ********************************************************************************************************************

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